Toyota 300 Series LandCruiser Dual Cab 800mm Extension Ute Trays

Unlock your vehicle payload and hauling capacity with the Toyota 300 Series LandCruiser Dual Cab 800mm Extension Ute Trays from Norweld. It is engineered with CNC internal units and a wholly welded construction that is built to withstand Australia’s harsh weather and terrain. Norweld provides a high-quality, heavy-duty aluminium build that is lighter than steel.

Deluxe Tray


$ 17,990


Deluxe Plus Tray


$ 19,490


Toyota 300 Series LandCruiser Dual Cab 800mm Extension Ute Trays Feature


Store tools, shovels, spare parts or recovery gear in a 1200mm dust resistant trundle draw. This draw is tough and can with stand up to 200kg of weight.


Custom-designed aluminium extruded sideboards with built in stiffeners.


Whether cleaning up between jobs sites or having clean water on weekend adventures, having water on the road is an invaluable resource.


A 4mm high tensile single piece plate floor, means your tray is built tough.

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With over 50 years of innovation in building ute trays, we understand they need to be versatile, functional and also look good. Check out our 300 Series Dual Cab 800mm Tray’s Deluxe and Deluxe Plus ute tray packages and matching canopies and enjoy a range of included features that provide supreme functionality and conveniences.

If you want the confidence to work and tour with a fit-out backed by a lifetime warranty on workmanship, get in contact with our team for a competitive quote. Take a look through our range, including dual cab and dual cab extension trays, all available at a Norweld-owned branch in Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and various agents around the country.

Package Includes:

  • Painted sideboards/tailgate and toolbox lids with s/steel capping (Deluxe Plus Trays)
  • 4mm high tensile single piece plate floor
  • 5mm checker plate side rails
  • Extruded sideboards with built in stiffeners
  • 76mm x 38mm x 6mm high tensile aluminium chassis runners
  • 76mm x 5mm mandrel bend tube headboard
  • Spare wheel holders integrated into the headboard
  • Heavy duty stainless hinges and catches
  • Maxi Lamp LED tail lights
  • Router cut 10mm plate mounts
  • One piece flared guards or mudguards bolt on with adjustable mounting
  • Under Tray Toolboxes Included
  • 1200mm x 150mm rear drawer integrated into tray
  • 58L poly water tank
  • Norweld’s own Dual Locking Roller Compression Locks

Weight:* From 260kg 
Length: 1986mm

*Tray weights are an approximate, at the time of publication. We recommend having your vehicle weighed after tray fitment.


Do the Landcruiser 300 Series trays come with a warranty?

Yes. At Norweld, we stand by the quality and durability of our Landcruiser 300 Series trays. Each tray is backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty on workmanship, reflecting our confidence in the reliability and performance of our trays. You can have peace of mind knowing that your Landcruiser 300 Series tray is built to last.

What are the dimensions of Landcruiser 300 series trays?

Our Landcruiser 300 Series trays are available in various dimensions to accommodate both 800mm & 700mm extended and dual cab converted vehicles. 

Our tray Landcruiser 200 Series trays measure in at 1986L x 2000W.

For more information about the compatibility of our trays with the various conversions, please contact us.

Do the trays come with installation?

Yes, our Landcruiser 300 Series trays come with professional installation services for your convenience. Our team of experts ensures a seamless and expert fitment to your Landcruiser 300 Series. With our attention to detail and extensive experience, you can trust that your tray will be integrated flawlessly.

Are there any complementary products recommended with this tray?

Certainly! For an enhanced ute setup, we highly recommend considering our top-quality Landcruiser 300 Series canopies. Our canopies are specifically designed to perfectly complement our Landcruiser 300 Series trays, offering additional storage space and protection for your equipment. By combining our Landcruiser 300 Series tray with a Norweld canopy, you can optimise your vehicle’s capabilities for various tasks, whether it’s for work or outdoor adventures.

What materials are used in the construction of 300 series trays?

We utilise quality aluminium for the tray’s framework and components, ensuring long-lasting performance even in tough conditions. The chosen materials are meticulously selected to withstand the harshest demands, making your Landcruiser 300 Series tray a reliable and robust companion for any journey or task.

Is there a way to see this tray in action?

To witness our Landcruiser 300 Series trays in action and explore the impressive features they offer, we invite you to visit our gallery. There, you’ll find real-life examples showcasing how our trays perform in various settings, giving you an in-depth look at their capabilities.

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