Isuzu D-MAX Trays

One of Australia's most popular dual cab utes and a proven performer from the bush to the beach, if you have a Dmax we have you covered. Consider fitting a Norweld Heavy duty aluminium tray to your Isuzu Dmax and turn it into a weekend warrior, workshorse on the job site or long distance tourer. No matter your requirements a Norweld Ute tray will tick all your boxes and stand out in the crowd.

Deluxe Tray


$ 14,190


Deluxe Plus Tray


$ 15,690


Elite Tray


$ 16,990


Isuzu D-MAX Ute Trays Feature


Store tools, shovels, spare parts or recovery gear in a 1200mm dust resistant trundle drawer. This drawer is tough and can with stand up to 200kg of weight.


Custom-designed aluminium extruded sideboards with built in stiffeners.


Whether cleaning up between jobs sites or having clean water on weekend adventures, having water on the road is an invaluable resource.


A 4mm high tensile single piece plate floor, means your tray is built tough.

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Each tray is crafted with precision to cater to your specific requirements, whether you’re transporting gear, embarking on an off-road adventure or utilising it to get the job done.

As you check out our D-MAX trays, envision the limitless possibilities that await you. Should you have any questions about our ute trays, please send us a message. At Norweld, we want to help you take your outdoor adventures to the next level. 

Package Includes:

  • Painted sideboards/tailgate and toolbox lids with s/steel capping (Deluxe Plus Trays)
  • 4mm high tensile single piece plate floor
  • 5mm checker plate side rails
  • Extruded sideboards with built in stiffeners
  • 76mm x 38mm x 6mm high tensile aluminium chassis runners
  • 76mm x 5mm mandrel bend tube headboard
  • Spare wheel holders integrated into the headboard
  • Heavy duty stainless hinges and catches
  • Maxi Lamp LED tail lights
  • Router cut 10mm plate mounts
  • One piece flared guards or mudguards bolt on with adjustable mounting
  • Under Tray Toolboxes Included
  • 1200mm x 150mm rear drawer integrated into tray
  • 40L (Dual Cab) 58L (Extra / Single Cab) poly water tank
  • Norweld’s own Dual Locking Roller Compression Locks

Weight:* From 233kg
Length: 1826mm

Weight:* From 258kg
Length: 2126mm

Weight:* From 300kg
Length: 2526mm

*Tray weights are an approximate, at the time of publication. We recommend having your vehicle weighed after tray fitment.


Do the trays come with a warranty?

Rest assured, our Isuzu D-Max ute trays come with a lifetime warranty on workmanship, showcasing our unwavering commitment to their quality and durability. This comprehensive warranty is proof of our confidence in their performance. It covers any potential manufacturing defects or issues that may arise during regular usage, ensuring your investment is protected for a lifetime.

Do ute trays come with installation?

We want our customers to have a seamless experience. When you choose our Isuzu D-Max trays, installation is an integral part of the package. When your vehicle is  brought to our fitting locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth or to one of our various agents throughout Australia, our skilful technicians will handle the installation process with precision. This meticulous approach guarantees that your tray is securely affixed to your vehicle, leave you confident as you undertake various tasks and ventures.

What size trays fit the Isuzu D-Max?

Our Isuzu D-Max trays are designed for a variety of needs, with sizes as follows:

With a range of tray sizes available, we tailor solutions to your specific requirements.. Every tray size is thoughtfully designed to match the vehicle’s dimensions and specifications, ensuring seamless functionality and aesthetic harmony.

Do trays for D-Max fit with most canopies?

Our Isuzu D-Max ute trays are engineered for seamless integration with our D-Max canopies or as standalone solutions. While they may not be compatible with all other aftermarket canopy brands due to variations in design and dimensions, our trays are designed to fit seamlessly with our Norweld canopies. This creates a cohesive, high-performance system that upholds our quality and functionality standards.

What materials are used for D-Max trays?

Our Isuzu D-Max ute trays are crafted using aluminium, offering exceptional robustness without burdening your vehicle with additional weight. Aluminium is also naturally corrosion-resistant, making our trays ideal for outdoor and off-road adventures. With Norweld’s Isuzu D-Max trays, you’re investing in a product built to withstand challenging and rough outdoor conditions.

Is the Norweld Elite Tray Available for my dmax?

Presently available for Isuzu DMAX – Dual Cab – 2021 Onwards. We are expecting to have the FullSize, Extra Cab and Single Cab variants available for order at some stage in the back half of the year, dates to be confirmed

The Elite Tray is the newest addition to Norweld’s all star lineup of trays and canopies. Built on the heritage of long-lasting quality, whilst providing a contemporary design styled to suit todays’ modern ute. 

Offered alongside Norweld’s existing range of Deluxe ute trays, the Elite tray’s all-new extrusion profile with a bolt-on colour-coded panel brings a more modern and contemporary look whilst keeping uncompromised strength and functionality.

Contact your nearest Norweld branch or Norweld Agent to discuss if the Norweld Elite tray is compatible with your Hilux

For more detailed information Elite Ute Tray.

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