Deluxe Plus Tray

Norweld Australia has been designing and building aluminium ute trays for over 50 years! Years of testing and refinement have led us to design, fabricate and install what we believe to be the best ute trays on the market.

Norweld Deluxe Plus Tray

With extensive experience working with the most popular 4×4 models, we offer packages that enhance the capabilities of your vehicle. Norweld’s design philosophy is to provide the most attractive, functional and robust trays on the market. Norweld’s tray packages provides you with the ability to build your new tray specifically catered to your uniqueindividual requirements. 

When the time comes to upgrade to your next vehicle, Norweld trays may be transferred to your new vehicle using only a few additional parts. The ability to retain your Norweld tray ensures you receive long term enjoyment from your purchase, whether it’s for work or play.


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