Single Cab Ute Trays

If you’re looking to turn your single cab into a workhorse that’s tough and reliable, Norweld’s Ute Tray range is the perfect addition. With cutting-edge technology and custom-designed aluminium extrusions, this Tray is built to withstand the harshest conditions and last a lifetime. It caters to the needs of hardworking farmers and tradesmen who demand reliability and durability.

The Single Cab Ute tray features fully welded construction and 10mm heavy-duty tray mounts, making it ideal for hauling heavy equipment, tools, and supplies to job sites and farms. Its robust design ensures that it can handle even the toughest tasks with ease. Contact our expert sales team to invest in a Norweld aluminium single cab tray you can rely on to meet even the most rigorous demands.

Deluxe Tray


$ 16,290


Deluxe Plus Tray


$ 17,990


Norweld SIngle Cab Ute Trays Feature


Store tools, shovels, spare parts or recovery gear in a 1200mm water and dust resistant trundle draw. This draw is tough and can with stand up to 200kg of weight.


Custom-designed aluminium extruded sideboards with built in stiffeners


Whether cleaning up between jobs sites or having clean water on weekend adventures, having water on the road is an invaluable resource.


A 4mm high tensile single piece plate floor, means your tray is built tough.

Fit out your Ute or recreational vehicle with an industry-leading single cab ute tray

But this tray isn’t just about work. On weekends, it’s time to let loose and have some fun. The rugged yet sleek design with optional 2-pac painted sideboards, tailgate and toolbox lids with stainless steel capping and ample storage, transforms your single cab ute nto an adventure-ready machine. Pack your camping gear, surfboard, or bikes and hit the great outdoors for an unforgettable adventure.

With a Norweld single cab tray fitted to your vehicle, you’ll have peace of mind that it will meet the demands of rough terrain and busy worksites. We proudly build each unit by hand in Australia and back our construction with a lifetime warranty on workmanship

At Norweld, hundreds of thousands of kilometres of testing have allowed us to design a model to anticipate every need and want — from relocating your radars, cameras & reverse sensors during installation to including under tray toolboxes and scratch-resistant checker plate sides. You can choose from a host of accessories, enabling you to modify it with flush tie-down points, ladder racks & flip up ends.

Get in touch with Norweld’s expert team about aluminium single cab trays

When it comes to future-proofing your vehicles, there is no other option than Norweld — the industry leader. Our long-standing reputation for delivering single cab ute trays to the highest quality standards will ensure you benefit from our tested design. Explore our complete range of ute trays and ute canopies, or contact us to discuss elevating your aluminium tray to ensure it protects your equipment from the elements. 

Package Inclusions:

  • Transferable between vehicle models (excluding LandCruiser and American Utes)
  • Painted sideboards/tailgate and toolbox lids with s/steel capping (Deluxe Plus option only)
  • 4mm high tensile single piece plate floor
  • 5mm checker plate side rails
  • Extruded sideboards with built in stiffeners
  • 76mm x 38mm x 6mm high tensile aluminium chassis runners
  • 76mm x 5mm mandrel bend tube headboard
  • Spare wheel holders integrated into the headboard
  • Heavy duty stainless hinges and catches
  • Maxi Lamp LED tail lights
  • Router cut 10mm plate mounts
  • One piece flared guards or mudguards bolt on with adjustable mounting
  • Under Tray Toolboxes Included
  • 1200mm x 150mm rear drawer integrated into tray
  • 58 litre poly water tank
  • Norweld’s own dual locking roller compression locks

Weight:* 300kg (Deluxe Tray) 303kg (Deluxe Plus Tray) 
Length: 2526mm

*Tray weights are an approximate, at the time of publication. We recommend having your vehicle weighed after tray fitment.


What size single cab ute trays does Norweld supply?

Our aluminium single cab trays measure 1850 mm wide by 2526 mm long. If you have upgraded to a newer model and it’s built to the same dimensions, our single cab trays can easily be transferred between models so you can extend the functionality you have always enjoyed to your new ute by simply changing our mounts.

What is the warranty on single cab trays?

At Norweld, we provide exceptional service that goes beyond expectations. Our market-leading lifetime warranty on workmanship safeguards you against any manufacturing flaws. Whether you’re navigating rough terrain or visiting various worksites and clients, your Norweld single cab tray will instil you with peace of mind that it will endure everything your lifestyle and the open road throw at you.

What can I fit in a single cab tray?

With a large tray deck and underbody toolboxes that generously accommodate all your belongings with room to spare, your Norweld single cab ute tray is a workhorse. From transporting large equipment like machinery on your tray deck to organising your smaller gear in your undertray toolboxes, our Norweld single Cab ute trays have your storage needs covered

But your aluminium single cab ute tray doesn’t stop at your 5 pm clock off time — it can easily carry surfboards, bikes and the rest of your camping gear for your weekends off the beaten track.

What are aluminium single cab trays suitable for?

While they make a great utility vehicle for carrying tools, supplies and equipment, we make our single cab trays from aluminium for their weather and corrosion-resistant properties whilst keeping the weight down when compared to steel alternatives

Our checker plate combing rails protects your build against tarnishes, meaning you can maintain a professional appearance at all times whilst helping to retain the value of your ute until it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. But it doesn’t mean you have to leave your Norweld single cab tray behind, either. If you purchase a new ute in the same class, it may be able to be transferred forwards by visiting any one of our Australia-wide locations or extensive agent network.

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