Meet Tim the Lawn mower Man

Tim the Lawn Mower Man, famously known for his ‘Free Mow Fridays’, generously offers to go around fixing overgrown yards in Box Hill, NSW, completely free of charge. With 5M fans tuning in for his satisfying garden transformations, Tim has become a gardening legend in his own right. Between paid gardening gigs and saving lives as a full-time firefighter, Tim is out there, finding people who are in need of a little yard TLC – no strings attached. That’s Tim – a true-blue Aussie, with a mower in one hand and a heart of gold in the other. When we learned about what Tim was doing, it was only natural for us to offer our support with a Norweld Deluxe Plus Tray!

Tim the Lawn mower Man’s Norweld Build

For Tim, whose busy work life revolves around running a gardening business, working full-time as a firefighter and navigating the fame of Tim the Lawn Mower Man, the flexibility of our Deluxe Plus Tray on the back of his 2023 Mazda BT-50 XT suits him to a tee! Let’s take a deep dive into his “Free Mow Fridays” Norweld build set up.

Slightly over 2.5 meters in length, the Deluxe Plus Tray offers ample storage capacity, accommodating Tim’s stand-on mower, 21-inch self-propelled mower, trimmers and ramps. With a heavy duty, high tensile, 4mm thick one-piece aluminium plate floor, colour-coded sides, toolboxes and signature Norweld taillights, this sweet looking tray boasts quality workmanship and versatility.

“I love it, it’s quality all the way around.”

The 1200mm rear trundle drawer integrated into the tray, is perfect for storing Tim’s larger items, such as the blower, hand blower, garden tools and battery items. The fact that the batteries stay nice and cool, away from direct sunlight, is a great safety feature. The side toolboxes are great for storing Tim’s smaller items, such as straps, ropes and fuel – again away from direct sunlight. Plus everyone’s favourite feature, the 58L poly water tank, providing water for clean hands after work. With space for 2-3 grass bags, this set up offers a functional and durable solution for Tim.

“This is beautiful… far too good for me, but hey, I’m going to use it anyway.”



The Tray Norweld is known for! Our Deluxe Plus Tray is the envy of the industry. Fully welded construction, heavy duty floor plate and beautiful design make it hard to go past. By far our most popular model, built to take whatever you can throw at it, whilst offering the maximum vehicle payload by saving up to 200kg compared to similar steel trays.


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Watch Tim the Lawn Mower Man’s BT-50 Norweld set up

Follow Tim the Lawn Mower Man as he shows you around some of Australia’s forgotten backyards, giving them a fresh look with his lawn mowing and gardening skills, offering tips and entertainment along the way.

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