Chevrolet Silverado Dual Cab Ute Trays

If you’re looking to level up the functionality, versatility and style of your truck, our Chevrolet Silverado Dual Cab Ute Trays have led the industry in terms of durability, increased payload, quality and design for over 50 years. 

Deluxe Tray


$ 18,990


Deluxe Plus Tray


$ 20,490


Chevrolet Silverado Dual Cab Ute Trays Feature


Store tools, shovels, spare parts or recovery gear in a 1200mm dust resistant trundle drawer. This drawer is tough and can with stand up to 200kg of weight.


Custom-designed aluminium extruded sideboards with built in stiffeners.


Whether cleaning up between jobs sites or having clean water on weekend adventures, having water on the road is an invaluable resource.


A 4mm high tensile single piece plate floor, means your tray is built tough.

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With standard accessories, including under-tray drawers, a one-piece floor, a 58L water tank and other integrated storage solutions, our Silverado Dual Cab Trays help you organise your gear for easy access while enjoying durability, functionality and style. Look through our Deluxe and Deluxe Plus ute tray packages to find a fit-out for every ute.

Our Australian-made build has been put to the test to withstand challenging Aussie terrain. Designed to perform in harsh conditions, you can confidently work in any environment, knowing the waterproof, dustproof design and heavy-duty aluminium build offers the same strength as steel but is lighter.

Contact us today for a competitive quote and help to find a matching canopy. We have a Norweld branch in Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, as well as nationwide agents, so you’re never far from experiencing our expert service.

Package Includes:

  • Painted sideboards/tailgate and toolbox lids with s/steel capping (Deluxe Plus Trays)
  • 4mm high tensile single piece plate floor
  • 5mm checker plate side rails
  • Extruded sideboards with built in stiffeners
  • 76mm x 38mm x 6mm high tensile aluminium chassis runners
  • 76mm x 5mm mandrel bend tube headboard
  • Spare wheel holders integrated into the headboard
  • Heavy duty stainless hinges and catches
  • Maxi Lamp LED tail lights
  • Router cut 10mm plate mounts
  • One piece flared guards or mudguards bolt on with adjustable mounting
  • Under Tray Toolboxes Included
  • 1200mm x 150mm rear drawer integrated into tray
  • 58L poly water tank
  • Norweld’s own Dual Locking Roller Compression Locks

Weight:* From 260kg
Length: 1986mm

*Tray weights are an approximate, at the time of publication. We recommend having your vehicle weighed after tray fitment.


Do the trays come with a warranty?

At Norweld, our commitment is to provide you with access to premium products that demonstrate long-lasting performance. Accordingly, each of our Chevrolet Silverado ute trays is supported by a lifetime warranty on workmanship that mirrors our confidence in the durability and capability of our product.

Do ute trays come with installation?

We extend installation services to ensure the precise fitting and readiness of your Chevrolet Silverado ute tray. Visit one of our installation locations in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, or contact one of our agents in your area. Our skilled technicians will manage the installation process on your behalf. Our team’s proficiency guarantees the accurate fitment of your tray to your vehicle, ensuring utmost functionality and safety.

What Silverado tray sizes are available?

We recognise the diverse needs of Chevrolet Silverado owners, which is why we provide a variety of tray sizes such as dual cab. Whether you require an option for city use, or a build for the farm, our Silverado trays are designed to cater to your specific demands.

Please reach out to our expert team to discuss which tray size is optimised for your vehicle.

Do Silverado trays accommodate most canopies?

Our Silverado trays are intelligently designed to mesh easily with our Silverado canopies, resulting in a cohesive and high-performing system. However, it’s important to know that our trays may be incompatible with other aftermarket canopy brands. Due to the varying dimensions and designs of canopies, we recommend opting for a Norweld canopy for a perfect fit and the best performance. 

What materials are utilised for the Chevrolet Silverado trays?

At Norweld, our focus on durability, strength and performance extends to all our products, including Silverado trays. These trays are skillfully constructed using aluminium. Recognised for its blend of lightweight and sturdy qualities, aluminium empowers our trays to deliver remarkable strength without burdening your vehicle with excess weight. Aluminium’s inherent resistance to corrosion also makes our trays suitable for outdoor exploration and off-road journeys. 

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