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We’re excited to introduce you to an extraordinary couple in our community, showcasing their unique story and passion for the outdoors. In this featured post, we explore how our robust and versatile builds have played a pivotal role in their adventures, offering both reliability and comfort wherever the road takes them. Through their experiences, we highlight the various ways Norweld owners utilise their builds, from rugged off-road excursions to creating a cozy and welcoming space on the go. Join us as we explore Gayle & Geoff’s 2020 Dual Cab Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series and their journey, demonstrating the boundless possibilities that come with being a part of the Norweld family. 

Meet: GAYLE & Geoff

For us Norweld = Freedom

The brief was to replace our Prado with a compact, reliable and capable 4WD vehicle with flexibility for work and play. It should fit in our driveway and enable us to be self sufficient for long field trips as well as short get aways. Time is limited as we wanted to get away without too much planning, preparation and packing and unpacking, and we wanted to shed those swags! 

Reliability is key, closely followed by functionality. We bought only high quality, proven, components wherever possible – buy once, cry once.  We can not afford to have a remote trip ruined by cheap equipment that fails or breaks.

Multiple configuration possibilities sold us on our Norweld tray and wind off Deluxe compact canopy. We now have a ute, a fantastic mobile field vehicle with reliable power, refrigeration, shade and accommodation (home base) for leisure or work trips. All three options can tow our boat or trailer.

1. Recently we towed the boat and spent nine days up the Dampier Peninsula.  We used the vehicle as a home base as it provides power, water, shade, refrigeration and accommodation all in one. A small satellite vehicle came with us to put the boat in and out and do day trips around the Peninsula.

2. A month before we travelled the nine hours South to Karijini National Park for a friends 40th. We spent 5 nights in the camp and packed up the the vehicle daily to drive between gorges. Pack up takes about 10 minutes and driving plus parking in the sun charges up the house battery to keep the beers cold while we’re out hiking and swimming!

3. Last year we used the vehicle for field work on a cattle station which allowed us to set up in a remote area and do our work without having to head back to the homestead. We had water and power and most importantly shade to work under.

An unexpected bonus with the Norweld/Enerdrive electric package is that we no longer carry gas or petrol.  All our cooking is now by fire or electric, and battery powered tools take care of chainsaw, fans, lights etc, with batteries easily recharged from the 200ah house battery on longer trips.

Our dream is to one day overland our vehicle through the America’s… long my old swag!!!

– Gayle & Geoff

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About Gayle & Geoff’s Build

2020 Dual Cab Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series 



  • 4200kg gvm upgrade with 2” lift
  • JMACX brakes, etc.
  • Safari Armax Performance ECU and Snorkel
  • Bush Company 270 xt Max Awning
  • Howling Moon Lunar hard shell rooftop tent
  • TJM Bullbar and Siderails
  • Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform
  • Oztrail 20L draw fridge/freezer

Jonathon Warren – Sydney
Gayle & Geoff were looked after by our Sydney Branch Manager, Jonathon Warren. If you’d like to learn more about how Jonathon or one of our team can support you to get into a Norweld build, reach out.

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