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Our Deluxe Plus Tray is by far our most popular model. Featuring fully welded construction, heavy duty floor plate and beautiful design, making it a top choice for those looking for a high-quality product. For those seeking additional features, the Plus version of the Deluxe Tray includes color matched sideboards, toolbox lids, and stainless steel capping, taking the tray’s design and functionality to the next level. 

All products are designed and fabricated in Australia and we offer lifetime warranty on all workmanship.


Our range of Wind Off Canopies are designed to give you the maximum storage space on the back of your vehicle while having the flexibility to remove. Our Dual Cab Amarok canopies come in three lengths; 950mm (Half Canopy), 1500mm (Compact Canopy) and 1740mm (Full Length Canopy) and are optioned with various fit-outs from an empty shell to our Deluxe Package, which includes a fridge mount, slide out drawer and table, adjustable shelves and more. 

We offer optional wiring packages from Redarc and Enerdrive. All Norweld products are designed and tested by our team in the harshes conditions to ensure best performance, practicality and reliability. To find out more about wiring packages CLICK HERE


Norweld offer full time canopies comprising of two components, a Deluxe Canopy Base with the customers preference of Canopy mounted to it. Canopy Bases are similar to trays, but offer weight and cost savings by removing the headboard, sideboards and tailgate from a tray package.

Full time canopies are perfect for those who don’t have the space to store a wind off canopy at home or want to hit the road and not turn back. Norweld offer various options and accessories for our Trays and Canopies ranging from Jerry Cans, Clip on Table, Flush Tie Down, Compressor kits and more, to see our accessories see them HERE

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