Having worked in the coal mines for many years, Callan Sheldon, Owner and Director of Quasar Electrical, experienced firsthand the pitfalls of using subpar fleet canopies. He observed that companies opting for cheaper aluminium or standard trays faced significant challenges. Section-welded trays often failed under the weight of heavy toolboxes, requiring frequent weld repairs and downtime. Some turned to heavier steel trays for strength, but the corrosive mine water, which is more corrosive than sea water, quickly degraded even powder-coated steel, leading to stone chips and rust within months.

“After seeing the issues with cheaper aluminium ute trays and the corrosion problems of steel ute trays, the perfect option for us was a heavy-duty aluminium tray and canopy combo from Norweld. They’re built strong, and you don’t have the issues with welds that you see with the section-welded 1.8mm aluminium trays on the market. And anything steel is stainless, so you don’t have rust issues. Being Australian Made like us, it made perfect sense for us to go with Norweld”

Quasar ELECTRICAL’s Growth and Evolution

Quasar Electrical initially began as a one-person operation in the mining industry in early 2016. During the first couple of years, the company started to expand, employing a small group of electricians for general electrical maintenance roles, looking after the infrastructure that supported mining operations.

The company gradually moved into the heavy machinery space, from this the teams capability expanded into auto electrical and operational fleet technology fields. “We grew naturally from infrastructure to trucks and then to excavators, covering everything from low voltage to high voltage electrical and automotive electrical systems.”

Quasar Electrical’s teams capability also includes mobile air-conditioning, offering planned servicing and breakdown repairs. They’ve diversified into manufacturing and other industrial industries across Newcastle and the Central Coast, focusing 60-70% on coal mining in the Hunter Valley, with 20% -30% in Newcastle’s Manufacturing and Industrial sectors. This variety allows their team to explore different industries while remaining part of the Quasar Electrical family.

The Norweld fleet canopy Build Journey

Quasar Electrical”s first Norweld build was a removable headboard flat-pack tray back in 2016, suited for personal use with hand tools and no need for a canopy. They still have this tray in use today, with 400,000km on it. As the company grew and started employing electricians for infrastructure work, they opted for half canopy builds, which now make up 80% of their fleet vehicle setups. Among their 40 vehicles, one build configuration, featured below, includes the Toyota Hilux Extra Cab with Norweld Deluxe Half Canopy, known for its durability and functionality.


Growth into the automotive electrical space saw a transition into full length fleet canopy builds with power setups for the team to run air-conditioning reclaimers, keep batteries and tools charged and to utilise the additional in-canopy space for refrigerant bottles.

“The majority of the mine sites we travel too are remote, which mean we spend some time on the road. When a vehicle reaches 150,000-180,000km, we transfer the Norweld fleet canopy to a new vehicle, ready to do another 150,000km. Some of our Norweld fleet canopies are now on their third Hilux vehicle and it’s as strong as when we first bought it.”

Norweld heavy-duty fleet full and half canopies have proven their durability in the harshest conditions, enduring the highly corrosive mine water.

“Anything that can withstand those environments can handle any other conditions in Australia. The ultimate setup for camping or any recreational use is what we have on the back of our cars.”

Looking Ahead

As a business, Quasar Electrical prioritises quality work and quality equipment to ensure their team can perform at their best. “We expect our people to do good quality work, so we provide good quality equipment to keep their tools dry and safe. Our plan is to continue growing, building a strong team and diversifying our operations.”

With most of their work in Newcastle and the Hunter region, the opening of the new Norweld Newcastle branch is a welcome development. “It will be so convenient for us, making our growth a lot easier with the support of the Norweld Australia team nearby.”

Quasar Electrical’s commitment to quality, growth, and diversification has laid a strong foundation for their continued success in the mining and manufacturing industries. With the addition of Norweld’s dedicated fleet solutions, Quasar Electrical is now even better equipped to handle tough site conditions, ensuring their vehicles remain reliable and efficient for years to come.


Why Choose Norweld for Your Fleet?

Every Norweld Fleet Tray and Canopy Features:

  • Dust and waterproof
  • Lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship
  • Strong and durable for tough site conditions
  • Transferable between vehicle models for fleet upgrades
  • Wide range of accessories to suit your fleet’s requirements

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