Pricing from $11,490 inc GST fitted*

Our range of full-length canopies are designed to give you the maximum storage space on the back of your vehicle. The designated lengths per vehicle are what we have found after years of testing the absolute maximum length of canopy before you lose ride quality or have issues with overall vehicle lengths.

If you need to make the most of your vehicles storage space these canopies are suited to you.

Available in 1740mm length for Dual Cab, 2040mm for Extra Cab, 1900mm for 200 Series, 1900mm & 2200mm for American Vehicles, 2200mm for Single Cab LandCruisers

*Price excluding required Tray or Canopy Base. Pricing shown is for our 1740mm Long Canopy.
Pricing starts at $12,490 for canopies to suit RAM 1500s, F150s and Silverados 1500s, for our Longer Vehicles such as RAM 2500, 3500, Silverado 2500, 3500 and Ford F250/350 pricing starts at $12,990 for our Basic Canopy.

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Basic Canopy Package Inclusions

CNC Internals

Drop Down Ladder

Norweld Unistrut

Water + Dust Resistant

The entry level canopy package in our Norweld Range and a great starting platform for setting up your vehicle for work or play.


  • 2 Doors – empty internal layout
  • 4 x internal tie down points
  • 2 x Spare Wheel holders on Rear with Optional Jerry Can Holder
  • Dual Stage Ladder
  • Roof Rack- Multi Rack default option mounted on Norweld Unistrut
  • Internal Box Section Framework using Norweld Exclusive Extrusions
  • Norweld Unistrut for optional shelving and accessory installation
  • Water & Dust Proof
  • Norweld’s own Dual Locking Roller Compression Locks
  • Option up with paint options and wiring packages
  • WEIGHT from 184 kgs


Dual Cab Toyota Landcruiser with Wind Off Basic Canopy

Dual Cab Isuzu Dmax with Full Time Basic Canopy

Dual Cab Toyota Hilux with Wind Off Basic Canopy

Dual Cab Toyota Landcruiser with Full Time Basic Canopy

RAM 1500 Express with Basic 2200mm Canopy

RAM 1500 Express with Basic 2200mm Canopy

Options & Accessories

Wiring Packages