Whatever the jobsite or the adventure, having a well-organised ute canopy means more time getting on with life and less time searching for the things you need. Read on as we share our range of Norweld’s accessories to get the most out of your canopy storage.

Bolt In Shelving

When it comes to organising your canopy, Norweld accessories are designed with durability and functionality in mind. Our Bolt In Shelving options for example, which are installed via Norweld’s Unistrut, provide sturdy support for your work or camping gear with small, medium or large sizes available to fit your specific needs. From work tools and storage boxes to camping chairs and solar blankets, our Bolt In Shelf options ensure your things are kept securely in place and easily accessible.

*Large Shelf measuring 1075mm wide is included in all Norweld canopies as standard

Bolt-In Pantry

Transform your canopy into a mobile pantry with our Bolt-In-Pantry solution. Mounted into the roof of the canopy, this handy drop-down shelving option is ideal for storing anything from cereal to canned food and cooking supplies. Having a well-stocked pantry means you and the family are always ready for a feed, no matter where your camping adventures take you. For tradies, this setup is a real game-changer on the job site, offering easy access to snacks and meals without having to leave the job-site.


Gullwing Toolboxes:

Norweld’s Gullwing Toolboxes are an excellent solution for tradespeople and those wanting a modular and functional storage option. Fitted with a rubber seal designed to be as watertight as possible, they are great for storing work equipment during the week and camping gear on the weekend. A great way to organise your tool box even further and keep them mobile than with Milwaukee Packout drawers. 


Jerry Can Holders

Don’t let fuel or water containers take up precious space inside your ute canopy. Norweld designed and made Jerry Can Holders are bolted into the spare tyre mounts of your ute tray or canopy. With two size options: 25L Water (grey) and 25L Diesel (black), they can store your liquids safely and securely outside your vehicle.

Multi-Rack Roof Rack and Clip-On Step

Maximise your canopy storage space even further with our Multi-Rack Roof Rack which is included standard with all Norweld full length and compact canopies. For added convenience, our Clip-On Step accessory attached directly to your ute tray, provides easier access to items stored on top of your vehicle.

Heavy-Duty Drawers

Norweld’s heavy-duty drawers are designed and built with a one-piece non-removable drawer runner, providing heavier load rating. The 1200mm wide Lockable Drawer located on the drivers side of Norweld Deluxe Canopies offer added security within your ute canopy. Perfect for storing work equipment and bulky items like straps, cable, tools or camping gear and cooking equipment, the smooth-sliding mechanism lets you easily access your gear without the added hassle when you’re on-site or off-road.


Slide-Out Draw with Table Combo

Create a functional space on the go with our heavy-duty Slide-Out Draw with Table Combo. Whether you’re cooking up a feed or need a functional and sturdy surface to work off, this combo provides the perfect solution. Plus, the additional draw space allows you to store even more of your essentials within arm’s reach.

*Available with Norweld Deluxe Lite, Deluxe and Deluxe Dog Pod Full Length and Compact Canopies

Tray base storage

Each Norweld canopy build features a heavy duty Norweld tray, which includes additional storage:

  • Water and dust resistant toolboxes
  • A 740mm wide x 1200mm long x 150mm deep rear trundle drawer, rated to hold up to 227kgs, suitable for use as a workbench or cooking table
  • An under tray water tank with options for a 40L or 58L tank size

Carry Cases

While it’s not a Norweld product, we love them and had to mention them for the sake of canopy organisation! Durable carry cases keep your gear organised and protected from the elements. Whether you’re storing tools, electronics or fragile photography equipment, carry cases and cargo bags provide safe, secure and durable storage solutions. Check out these great options from our friends at Snowpeak and ARB.

By choosing practical storage solutions that are right for you, you can get the most out of your canopy space and enjoy a hassle-free off-road experience

Please note, all the Norweld accessories above are available with a Norweld Ute Tray or Canopy, speak to one of our friendly staff to discuss options that are right for you and your vehicle.

We have Norweld-owned branches in Cairns, Townsville, Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and various agents around the country. Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to organise a quote or chat today.

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