Looking to transform your Isuzu D-Max into the ultimate touring rig and start exploring Australia’s toughest 4WD tracks? Not sure where to start or what to do? Well, you have come to the right place!

We’ve broken down the complete build on our Isuzu D-Max Dual Cab, fitted with Norweld’s signature full-time Compact Deluxe Lite Canopy. From tyres to roof racks and suspension upgrades, it’s all here for you to unpack. Let’s get straight into it!

Purpose of a touring build

Touring by 4WD is one of the most popular ways to explore Australia and while a standard 4WD allows access to amazing places, the purpose of a touring build is to enable you to travel further distances, explore tougher terrain, all while being as self-sufficient as possible. For adventure touring like this, a durable, functional and reliable 4WD touring setup is essential! Enter Norweld’s Isuzu D-Max touring build.

Features and specs of the Isuzu D-Max touring setup

At the heart of this touring setup lies the Isuzu D-Max – a rugged yet refined 4WD vehicle designed to tackle the toughest of terrains. Boasting an impressive 3.0L turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine, 140KW power, 450Nm of torque and 3.5T towing capacity plus a host of other features, the Isuzu D-Max sets the stage for both safe driving and off-road adventure fun.

Modifications and upgrades for the ultimate touring build

There are a number of configurations available for tray, canopies and wiring. Here is one we have set up. We encourage you to talk to one of our sales professionals, who can provide more information and guide you through the process of setting up your Isuzu D-Max touring build.

Norweld’s compact range for the Isuzu D-Max touring setup was chosen for its optimal weight distribution, enhanced stability, and superior storage capacity, making it ideal for off-road touring. The canopy doors and toolbox lids are painted in a striking Merlot color, ensuring the ultimate in style. Further details of this configuration are provided below.

  • Deluxe Canopy Base

Weighing 197kg and measuring 1740mm x 1850mm, this full-time canopy base retains all the standard features that come with Norweld trays, including rear trundle drawer, under tray poly water tank and toolboxes.

  • Compact Deluxe Lite Canopy

Weighing 210kg and measuring 1500mm x 1850mm, this canopy configuration features an empty driver’s side with allocated space for fridge mounting while the passenger side includes space for slide out draw and table.


  • Redarc Ultimate Wiring Package

For the Isuzu D-Max Touring Setup we went with the Redarc Ultimate wiring package. Featuring a 2000w inverter and 200ah of lithium battery- this powerhouse set up can handle larger current drawing appliances such as coffee machines, induction cooktops, air fryers – even a microwave! With ample 12V power for all your gear, this is the perfect setup for trouble free touring.

  • Clearview Easy Slide Fridge

Living in Australia’s hotter climates, a fridge is essential to ensure easy and safe access to cold food and drinks. With the allocated space for fridge mounting in this build we opted for the Clearview Easy Slide with chest style fridge over the lighter, upright fridge option.

  • 12V Travel Buddy Oven & Holder

Travel Buddy Oven for the ultimate in luxury and convenience! This handy 12V oven keeps cheeky pies and sausage rolls hot while travelling – you can even cook the days catch while you’re setting up camp. Simply wrap your fish in alfoil before placing it in the oven for best results. You can purchase the oven holder by itself, or you can purchase as a combo as shown in this build.

  • Jerry Can Holder + Jerry Can

You can see a Norweld designed and made Jerry Can Holder has been bolted into one of the spare tyre mounts of the Deluxe Lite Canopy, leaving the other free for a spare tyre. Australian Made they come with two options 25L Water (grey) and 25L Diesel (black) and are great for freeing up space inside the canopy.

  • Boss Aluminium RT1 tent

The Boss RT1 Rooftop Tent also forms part of this rig’s set-up. Constructed with a hard shell made from marine-grade aluminium and the highest quality 100% Australian-made canvas plus a 270 degree awning, you can rest easy knowing this tent is going to keep you high and dry and warm at night.

Lift Kit And Suspension Upgrades

  • Old Man Emu BP-51 Suspension Kit

BP-51 shock absorbers were also added to this build for improved comfort, control and durability both on and off-road. The user-adjustable shock absorbers are manufactured by ARB in-house using high-quality materials and undergo extensive testing to meet ARB’s standards for reliability and performance. 

Pleaes note that tray and canopy packages combined with typical 4×4 accessories increase the weight of a vehicle. A GVM upgrade is recommended on most makes and models to ensure trouble-free touring, and for your vehicle to remain legal when loaded. Talk to one of our friendly Norweld staff today to discuss options for your vehicle. 

Roof racks and storage solutions

  • Multi-Rack and Roof Top Tent Bars

The Isuzu D-Max touring set up offers the versatility to change between Norweld’s Multi Rack and Norweld’s Roof Top Tent Bars, highlighting excellence in design and functionality. Fit the Multi Rack on the weekend to carry bikes, kayaks and fishing gear. Fit the Roof Top Tent Bars for a roof top tent when camping away to enjoy a comfortable elevated sleep. Having the two options to swap between is a fantastic way to maximise the versatility of the vehicle based on specific needs.

  • ARB Base Rack

We chose the ARB Base Rack for added storage on the Isuzu D-Max touring setup because of its ultra-sleek design, low mounting profile and lightweight construction. Sitting on top of the cab itself, it offers a dovetail mounting system for easier, faster and more secure attachment and removal of gear.

  • ARB Frontier (140ltr) Fuel Tank

Made from durable cross-linked polymer, ARB’s long-range tank offers exceptional strength and rigidity with significant weight reduction compared to steel tanks. Its UV-stable plastic ensures durability in harsh environments, making it a great choice for extended off-road adventures in the Isuzu D-Max.


4WD Accessories

  • ARB Bull Bar

We also added ARB Bull Bars for the Isuzu D-Max touring setup for added protection against animal strikes during rural and remote touring. These bull bars offer a sturdy base for mounting accessories too, such as driving lights, winches and CB antennas. Their airbag compatibility promises no compromise to the vehicle’s safety features, making them an ideal choice for any touring setup.

  • ARB Intensity Driving Lights

ARB’s LED driving lights have also been fitted to enhance visibility in bad weather, night driving and when exposed to outback wildlife. These lights focus light effectively, increasing the visible range ahead of the vehicle, improving reaction time and reducing driver fatigue.

Wheels and off-road tyres

  • ROH Wheels

How good do the ROH Invader 4×4 wheels look on the Isuzu D-Max!? Available in 16”, 17” and 18” sizes, these wheels feature the latest flow-forging technology, which is used by only a handful of specialist wheel manufacturers around the world. With their sleek full matte black finish, they are the perfect complement to this rig.

Well friends, there you have it, Norweld’s Isuzu D-Max touring set up in its entirety. It’s a beast and so much more than just a vehicle, it’s the perfect adventure rig and a testament to the spirit of exploration and adventure whether for weekenders or extended touring trips.

Setting up your own Isuzu D-Max for touring requires careful consideration and investment to get it right. Take the time to understand your specific needs and ask for expert advice.

We have Norweld-owned branches in Cairns, Townsville, Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and various agents around the country. Get in touch with our team to organise a quote today, or simply have a chat about what touring option is right for you.


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