In a global marketplace, supporting local Australian industries has never been more important. As we mark #AustralianMadeWeek, it’s a great opportunity to pause and reflect on the importance of choosing Australian-made and the ripple effect it creates for our economy, local jobs, communities and future generations.

At Norweld, being Australian owned and made has always been something we are proud of. We don’t just build the ultimate tray and canopies; we’re dedicated to upholding the high standards of Australian manufacturing. Additionally, we’re deeply passionate about passing on our skills and expertise to the next generation, empowering them to excel in their own careers, contribute to society and continue the legacy of Australian craftmanship.



For decades a number of Australian manufacturers have decided to reduce costs by offshoring their labour-intensive manufacturing processes. This goes against the DNA of all Norweld staff as we pride ourselves on not taking the easy road and pushing back against the trends of other companies to explore the bounds of innovations.

When we build our demo vehicles, we’ve always prioritised Australian Made products and supported local businesses. We want to safeguard the level of quality and accountability that only Australian Made products can guarantee. Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro echoes this:

“Businesses know that by buying Australian, not only do you get products manufactured to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world, you also help to create local jobs, strengthen local manufacturing capabilities and access to local customer service and after-sales support. You also get the certainty of local delivery timeframes in an uncertain global shipping market,”


Our dedication to Australian Made extends beyond our own products; it truly is a collaborative effort with other inspiring Australian businesses. As the saying goes, ‘A rising tide lifts all boats,’ and together, we are better equipped to uphold the standards of Australian manufacturing excellence. By working smarter, not harder, we demonstrate the true Australian ‘have a go’ mindset, overcoming complex challenges to deliver world-class engineering and manufacturing technologies.

From Pro Touring Concepts on the Gold Coast, delivering turnkey touring builds, to JMACX on the Sunshine Coast with their unique coil conversions and GVM upgrade solutions, and Destination 4WD in Cairns providing 4×4 awnings, our partnerships embody Australian Made excellence.

ATD Customs in Crows Nest for unrivalled quality bull bars and side rails, Gough Plastics in Townsville for water tanks and jerry cans, Capral Aluminium, a nationwide supplier for industry leading aluminum, Redarc in SA for vehicle power management and wiring solutions and Clearview in Melbourne for cutting-edge fridge slides and towing mirrors – all proudly Australian, all contributing to the tapestry of locally made products. And man, does that feel good stepping into a day’s work at Norweld.



From our humble beginnings to our global reach, Norweld has been offering a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship since 1971. With 53 years going strong, we remain dedicated to our commitment to quality, innovation and community. Directors, Jaime, Steve and Isaac have built Norweld into a symbol of excellence in Australian manufacturing, and the entire team proudly carries that legacy forward with every tray and canopy we build.

So, as you consider your next purchase, remember the impact that choosing Australian Made can have. Trust Norweld for products that not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Because when you choose Norweld, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in the future of Australian manufacturing.

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If you want to find authentic Aussie products, look for the iconic Australian Made green and gold kangaroo and you can’t go wrong, and visit – Australia’s most extensive online directory of genuine Aussie products.