General FAQ’s

Can I get a custom-designed tray or canopy?

The short answer is no. We offer a fixed range of products and sizes which are carefully designed and thoroughly tested. The R&D process typically takes hundreds of hours to ensure the end product meets our high standards to be worthy of the Norweld name and guarantee.

I’m a long way away – how do you build it without my car?

We do not need the vehicle at all for the build. Fitting takes a day if you come to us at one of our 8 locations in Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth! We also have agents around the country, you can find out more about them here:

How does the shipping work?

We send the tray or tray and canopy on custom-made pallets. Any trays with drawer will have a stand to protect the drawer and tank from damage. We can send to a depot or business address with a forklift.  Additional costs apply for this as opposed to install in one of our Norweld locations.

I’m buying a new Landcruiser or Hilux – can the dealer fit it?

If the vehicle is getting built and is not in the country we can use our redirection codes to get the vehicle bought to us pre-delivery for install of our products. The shipping costs will be lower if you live in a non-metro area and we do not charge for in-house fitting at our workshop.

Do the Trays and Canopies on your website look identical to a new build?

Norweld products are in a constant state of evolution. Over time we will refine the design for a Tray and Canopy, usually to increase the strength of the build, or to offer a better solution than existed previously. On occasion the photos in our marketing material may vary slightly from what you will receive. Please contact our sales team if you are unsure about a specific design feature.

Can I keep my original tub or tray?

Absolutely. If you wish to retain your existing tub or tray after upgrading to a Norweld Build we are happy to accommodate.

A flat bed single cab ute or  flat bed trailer is best for collecting the tub with some standard sized pallets underneath. Box Trailers are not suitable for transporting a tub without causing damage during the loading process. We will not load box trailers.

Due to space restrictions we are unable to store any items. Any existing tubs or trays left with us will be recycled.

American Truck FAQs

Are all conversion companies the same?

Norweld endeavour to work with as many conversions, makes and models as possible, however it is not feasible to cover every possible combination. It is worth noting conversions undertaken by different companies will be very different in the way they are performed and not all are equal. This can ultimately have an impact on Norwelds ability to relocate the driver aid systems like radars, cameras and sensors as well as wire in our LED tail lights. On newer vehicles like F250/350 and RAM 2500/3500, a hyperflash indicator on the dashboard maybe present after the tail lights are wired. A dealer or American Truck specialist technician may be required to turn off this function within the vehicles computer. It is up to the owner to organise and cover this cost. Please chat to your salesperson about your specific vehicle and its requirements.

Will all driver aid systems function as designed by factory?

Norweld strive to offer a seamless package and integration of the factory cameras, sensors and radar systems. There are however some limitations due to design factors. Cameras mounted up high to the back of the cabin will not be relocated. 360 degree “birdseye” systems will have a modified view as it is not possible to relocate them into the same position as factory. Radar systems have been extensively tested, however it is impossible to account for every scenario on all makes and models.

Will my RAM 1500 Fuel Filler still "click"?

RAM 1500’s have a roll over anti leak valve in the top of the fuel tank, designed to prevent spills should the vehicle roll over. Unfortunately due to the difference in flow rate between Australian and American fuel bowsers, this valve can prevent fuel from entering the tank, causing the bowser to “click” and stop filling. The best option is a replacement long range tank that is not fitted with the roll over valve.

Tray FAQ’s

How does the tray get mounted to cab chassis?

Our mounts bolt to the vehicle and then the tray bolts to the mounts. This eliminates any cracking. Fully welded mounts tend to flex and crack this is why we have developed a process of bolting the mounts to the car and the tray to the mounts.

This is a proven design that has been refined over the years with countless hours of testing and R & D in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.

If I fit a drawer will I lose my spare tyre?

No. the spare tyre mounting configuration stays the same on all dual cab except for the Landcruisers. We move the spare tyre mount onto the headboard for the Landcruisers. Under tray tyre mounting options are not available for the 79 series dual and single cabs.

The tray size measurements are they OD?

Yes, they go from the front of the headboard to the back the of the tray. Please see our tray dimension sheet for more info.

What sizes are the trays?

Our Landcruiser trays are 1850 wide and 1826 long for Dual- 2526 long for Single Cab.

BT50, Ranger, Dmax, New Hilux, Colorado and Navara Dual Cab trays are 1850mm wide and 1826mm long, space cab is 2126

Can Norweld relocate my factory reverse sensors, radar and camera?

Norweld can relocate most reverse cameras and sensors found on common utes, however as they are relocated into a non-factory position, they might not operate as designed. Rear radar units found on the new BT-50 and DMAX might require a dealer to perform a recalibration. Please contact the sales team for more info.

I see there are marks on the sheet metal where it has been folded and welded. Is this normal and can it be polished out?

It is normal for the hydraulic press to leave fold line marks on the sheet metal. Whilst have invested heavily in special tooling to prevent marking and provide a superior product- from time to time small tooling marks may be visible. It is not feasible to polish out these marks as it is both costly and loses the attractive mill finish of the raw sheet metal. Once you start polishing aluminium you need to do the whole panel and it rarely looks as good as the factory mill finish. We still build our trays and canopies by hand and there will be marks from fabrication, handling and weld penetration.  This is impossible to avoid  due to the nature of being a hand-made product.  A painted finish is offered to the main panels for those wanting a smooth and easy to maintain the look.

Can I change my tray/ canopy between vehicles, different make/model?

Our trays and canopies allow for transfers between vehicles of similar lengths. For instance, a BT50 package will fit a New Hilux. Similar model sizes listed in the question above. If you keep buying dual cabs they will fit.

Can I get the tray a custom length?

Unfortunately no- we have designed our tray for the optimal size in similar sizes to the dual cab genuine trays. We are mindful of rear overhang once a canopy is fitted and also GVM of the vehicles once loaded. Longer trays usually mean that the rear is subject to more weight and this has an adverse effect on handling and tyre wear in some cases. Rear axle weight limits also need to be taken into account.

What’s the height of the trays?

Landcruisers are 1015mm (from floorboard to the top of the headboard).- A Landcruiser with a 2-inch Lift and 33-inch tyres will have an approximate headboard height of 2110mm and with a tradie roof rack, the overall height is 2240mm.

All other makes are 890mm (front floorboard to the top of the headboard).- A BT50 with a 2.5 inch lift and 32 inch tyres will have and approximate headboard height of 1960mm  and with a tradie roof rack the overall height is 2140mm. * all heights are approximates based on our own vehicles

Do Norweld modify the fuel filler?

Yes – We use both OEM and our own Fuel Filler systems, dependent on the vehicle. You may experience some ‘clicking’ depending on how the pumps are set up to flow at each station. Most vehicles will not experience any issues.

Will I be able to refuel my vehicle with a Hi-Flow Pump?

Hi-Flow pumps aren’t recommended for non-commercial vehicles. Fuel delivery from these pumps is between 80 and 130 litres a minute which exceeds most vehicles tank vent systems which can lead to fuel purging from the filler. Whilst it is possible your existing style side may allow for filling with Hi-Flow, most relocated fuel fillers will not accommodate these pumps.

Our Fuel Filler systems are designed for regular flow pumps.

What happens to the style side?

If we are fitting a new Norweld tray then your removal of the old tray is included. We remove it as quickly as possible and take no responsibility for any damages to the old tray.  Disposal and or transport home is your responsibility should you wish to keep it.

I have a Landcruiser and am looking to install a Jmacx Coil Conversion. Will it fit with your tray?

Yes- We have trays on a number of vehicles with this product fitted with great success. Our own Landcruiser is fitted with this system and our trays are designed to work with this product. We also have designed exclusive mud guards to work with the wheel offset and track for a complete package. Chat to the sales team for more information.

I have a Landcruiser and am looking to install Portal Axles from Marks 4wd Conversions. Will it fit with your tray?

Yes- We have trays on a number of vehicle with this product fitted on the road and have spent a lot of time on the R&D getting to work with our trays and canopies. We also have designed exclusive mud guards to work with the wheel offset and track for a complete package.  Chat to the sales team for more information.

Can you fit a dual battery in your tool boxes?

Batteries in toolboxes are not advised- Some lithium and AGM may fit – We advise against it due to the excess weight after the rear axle. Better to have mounted in between the axles. No warranty on tool boxes with batteries fitted inside.

Can I get a timber floor?

 No, we do not offer a timber floor. We offer a fully welded 4mm 5083DNV marine grade aluminium floor as our standard. We have found this plate the best in terms of strength and functionality. Timber is high maintenance and becomes weak over time.

Are tail lights included with the tray?

Yes, all our trays come standard with premium LED tail lights and number plate lights, Our install kit provides patch leads and the plugs on the wiring for a true plug and play install.

Can I change the headboard design or profile?

 Our headboards are our own design which is CNC mandrel bent for the best fit and high quality bends as possible. We don’t change our standard sizes as our machinery and tooling are set up for our standard designs. Our signature look will not be altered.

Can I get the tray fully painted?

We offer the sideboards and tool box lids as painted extras. We don’t offer full tray painting as an option. If you are running aggressive all terrain or mud terrain tyres we recommend adding additional mud flaps behind the front wheels to prevent stone chips. A Stone Stomper or similar will prevent damage to the tray or canopy from your trailer throwing rocks.

Do you powder coat the trays?

We do not offer powder coating as an option. We prefer paint and we use high quality 2 pac pack systems for the best finish. We do not offer full-colour coding of the trays. You may do this once delivery is taken.

What water tank options do you offer?

We have a 40ltr poly water tank option for our dual cab trays and a 58ltr model for all other trays. Tapered behind the wheel water tanks have been discontinued and removed from our range. We do not offer stainless water tanks as an option. We have spent many years of development and rigorous testing on the harshest conditions to come up with these option.

Can you supply a water pump?

Our tanks are supplied in a gravity fed application. You can choose to fit a pump if you wish but we will not fit or supply. Not all pumps are equal so we leave this up to the customer to fit if they desire.

Do you make an under-tray fuel tank?

We prefer to refer you to Brown Davis, TJM, Ironman or ARB for a premade aftermarket replacement tank. These work more effectively with the vehicle’s fuel system and are more cost effective.  Currently LRA (Long Range Australia) fuel tanks are not compatible with our trays when fitted to a 79 series Landcruiser. Please speak to your sales person for more information about long range fuel tanks.

Where does the fuel filler go?

We have brackets for all models designed which utilizes the existing filler neck and cap. You can choose to fit a locking cap. We offer a fuel filler relocation kit for the Landcruiser and American Truck range as standard.

Do LED tail lights cause radio interference?

Most modern 4wd’s come with standard incandescent bulbs. LED tail lights, Spotlights and Light Bars may affect your vehicle as they are an aftermarket product. Not all vehicles are affected and Norweld takes no responsibility for this.

Will I need a GVM upgrade on my Vehicle?

If you are fitting a tray only it may not be needed. If you are fitting a tray and canopy we highly recommend it. Tray and canopy packages combined with typical 4×4 accessories increase the weight of a vehicle. A GVM upgrade is recommended on most makes and models to ensure trouble-free touring, and for your vehicle to remain legal when loaded. Any reputable 4×4 Accessory or Suspension Store can assist. We list approximate weights of our packages on our brochure and price list.

Why does the BT-50/Ranger have plugs and wiring next to the passenger side front guard?

The Ranger and BT-50’s have a connection point for the factory wiring harness next to the passenger side front guard. This is exposed underneath the vehicle from factory, and is visible once the styleside/tub has been removed. Vehicles delivered as Cab Chassis have this wiring exposed from factory with no issue, and we have never experienced any issue with it being exposed. Although we don’t make a panel to cover these as our guards are universal and adjust to suit many makes and models, the exposed wiring themselves are waterproof.

Canopy FAQ’s

Is it cheaper to use one of your standard package designs?

Our packages are based on what is most popular and works well. We offer a discounted price on our packages for the best value for money. We have a number of packages ready to build to suit most makes and models. We do not offer custom builds. Our packages have been designed and tested and are the result of many years of R&D and testing

I have a tray already- what canopy package can I get?

We only build our canopy packages to suit trays. We do not design and build canopies for third party trays. For the best-finished look, ergonomics and peace of mind, a complete Norweld tray and canopy package is best.  Our Compact series canopies are not available for purchase without a Norweld tray or canopy tray base. Contact our sales team for more info.

I don’t need a some of the features in the package – Can I remove it from the package?

Some options cannot be removed or altered – just let our sales know what you do not need and they will try to find a package that best suits your needs. Due to our design and production methods, some features are standard across all models.

Can I do the internal fit-out down the track?

Yes, you are welcome to personalise your canopy once you have taken delivery. Complex internal layouts are costly and take time. Unfortunately, we do not offer this service or the retro fitting of internal layouts. We will work with you to get the best value layout we can.

What size tyres and wheels are your spare tyre holders set up for?

We have the holders on our trays and canopies set up for standard tyre sizes of 265/75/16- We have 40mm adjustment each way on the sizes and our standard tyre holders will take up to a 295/75/16 tyre with no issues. Please advise our sales team if you are running bigger than this. We offer a kit for 35 inch wheel and tyre combos as well.

Is my canopy dust proof?

Yes. All of our canopies are dust and water proof. We have a pressurising vent to positively pressurise the canopy to prevent dust sucking in.

Can I paint the canopy down the track?

Yes. Our doors are removable to make it easier when painting your canopy.

Can I just get the doors painted on the canopy?

Yes. All our doors are removable for paint. Painting the doors only is a cheaper option and it still looks great. Vinyl wrapping is also getting popular.

Can you screw into your canopies?

Yes, our canopies are built with a box section sub frame so there is room to bolt, rivet and nut but we prefer to weld.

How does your canopy secure to your tray?

Our canopies are bolted to the tray floor using 6 x M10 bolts

How hard is it to undo the canopy to wind off?

It is 20-30mins quicker if you have electric tools (impact driver).

Can I get quick release latches to secure my canopy to the tray?

No – we only bolt our canopies down. We offer no warranty on our tray or canopies if you decide to run quick release options for the canopy.

What fridge slides can I get?

All our standard packages are designed with the largest slide in mind. Our default option is the Clearview ES220. We can remove the slide but cannot alter the internal layout of the canopies. We do not offer the side slide variants. We do not offer canopies to suit the 95-litre Waeco. To save space and weight upright fridges are a great alternative. We have mounting kits for the Dometic 110ltr and Bushman 130lt Uprights.

Why would I get an upright fridge over a conventional chest fridge?

Upright fridges are a comparable weight to conventional chest fridges. however you would not need a fridge drop down slide giving you a weight saving of 45kg.They are faster to use and more convenient to open quickly. You do however need to pack them differently to your regular chest fridge.

Do the Drawers remove from the canopy?

The drawers are designed and built with a one-piece non-removable runner. We use this style of runner to ensure the drawers can have a heavier load rating and do not slide off accidentally when parked off camber causing possible damage and harm.

Wiring FAQ’s

What wiring packages do you offer? Can I supply my own gear to wire in?

We offer multiple wiring packages. We use Redarc, Narva and Enerdrive components. We have our canopies design based around using our wiring panel and fuse boxes and sockets. We will not fit any customer supplied products.Contact our Sales team for more information.

What are “lithium” batteries and why?

LiFeP04 (commonly refered to as Lithium) batteries are an alternative to conventional AGM batteries for dual battery systems.

There are numerous benefits to upgrading your 12 volt wiring system to a lithium battery.

Weight: A 105ah AGM battery weights 29kg. a 125ah Lithium (equivalent Of 200ah AGM) weighs just 15kg.

Performance: They charge faster. can deliver more current for longer (important for inverters) and experience very little voltage drop as the battery discharges. keeping efficiency up.

Longevity: Most conventional AGM’s are rated for 300-600 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. whereas an Enerdrive B-Tec is rated to 2000+ cycles depleting to 80% depth of discharge. Basically the battery Will run out of life before you run out of cycles. Current lithium technology has a 5-7 year life span.

I’ve heard/seen lithium batteries are dangerous and can explode?

LiFePO 4 is considered to be extremely stable and shares very little with the far more common Li-lon or Li-PO batteries found in most mobile phones.

AC-DC and DC-DC chargers- What are these?

A DC to DC charger is designed for taking current from the vehicles alternator and controlling it so it can safely charge the   battery and prolong its life. they normally include a solar charging regulator as well.

AC to DC chargers are designed for charging your battery from a standard 240 volt wall outlet that you would find in your house or caravan park.

Why do I need an Inverter and how big does it need to be?

Inverters turn your DC power stored in your battery to 240 volt AC power. This allows you to  plug your conventional home appliances. laptops. drone and camera battery chargers etc in. The size of the inverter you need depends on what you wish to plug in. Most of the time a device manufacturer will write the power usage in watts on the device. Generally anything with a heating element will require a large inverter which draws a lot of current thus requiring a large capacity high quality battery and charging system. Most coffee machines and induction cook tip require 2000w of continuous power.

What is a Battery Guard and Why do I need one?

Battery Guards are designed to protect the battery before you completely discharge it. Because a Lithium Battery will hold its voltage until it is almost completely flat. conventional low voltage cut outs found in most 12v fridges do not work.