Travelling with dogs is the best!

The versatility and storage capacity of utes make them an excellent choice for pet owners who love adventures with their furry friends. However, ensuring the safety and comfort of dogs during these trips is paramount. Enter the ute dog box – specifically, Norweld’s Deluxe Dog Pod Canopy. Our solution blends safety, security, functionality, durability and premium quality to enhance the travel experience for both you and your pet.

Before we run through the features of our Deluxe Dog Pod Canopy, here a few important reminders for travelling with dogs in a ute.


Potential Hazards For Dogs In Utes

  • Heat and sun exposure

One big concern when travelling with dogs in the back of a ute is the heat and sun. Utes, especially those without canopies, can get incredibly hot, essentially turning them into an oven on wheels. Prolonged exposure to these elements can cause heat stress, dehydration or even heatstroke, which can prove fatal for your dog. A dog box provides a shaded, well-ventilated space, ensuring they stay cool and comfy.

  • Loose objects and rough terrain

Utes often carry tools, equipment and other loose objects that can be dangerous for dogs. Sudden stops or rough terrain, can turn these into dangerous projectiles. Additionally, the wind and continual bumpy movements can be really distressing and potentially harmful to a dog. A dog box avoids all this by keeping them secure and safe.

  • Risk of escape or injury

An unsecured dog in a ute can easily become a distraction to the driver who continually checks to see if their dog isn’t attempting to jump out! Even with a canopy, there is a risk of escape if the dog isn’t properly restrained. Dog boxes are designed with secure locks and sturdy construction to prevent them from escaping or getting injured during travel.

guidelines For Safe And Comfortable Travel With Dogs In Utes

To ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for both you and your dog, consider the following tips when investing in a dog box for your ute:

  • Choose the right dog box

Select a dog box that is appropriately sized for your dog. Allow enough space for them to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. Ensure the dog box is made of durable materials with proper ventilation.

  • Secure the dog box

Make sure you choose a high-quality dog box that’s made for your ute and always have it professionally installed. This will ensure the dog box is secured properly and won’t shift around while you’re driving.

  • Provide comfort

Line the dog box with a rubber mat and or blankets to provide a comfortable and non-slip surface for your dog. This helps reduce stress and prevents your four-legged friend from sliding around.

  • Frequent breaks

Take regular breaks to allow your dog to stretch, relieve themselves and have a drink of water. This is especially important during long trips.


Additional Tips For A Stress-Free Trip

  • Get your dog used to it

Before you hit the road, let your buddy spend some time in the dog box ute. Start with short trips to help them feel comfortable and reduce any anxiety.

  • Pack the essentials

Don’t forget your dog’s favourite toys, bedding and any medications they may need. Familiar items can make them feel more at home and less stressed during the journey.

  • Watch the temperature

In hot weather, try to travel during the cooler parts of the day and never leave your dog unattended in the vehicle. Australia’s heat can be intense, so this of course is crucial.

  • Stay hydrated

Always have plenty of water available for your dog. A portable water bowl can be very handy.

Norweld Deluxe Dog Pod Canopy: The Best Choice for Travelling with Dogs

Now that you understand the importance of having a dog box, let us introduce you to the best solution: the Norweld Deluxe Dog Pod Canopy. This high-quality aluminium canopy not only ensures your dog’s safety and comfort, but also offers loads of other benefits.

Versatility for Every adventure

Our Deluxe Dog Pod Canopy is designed with practicality in mind. Its CNC-cut driver’s side door ensures excellent ventilation for your dogs while on the road. Additionally, drain holes integrated into the canopy floor make cleaning effortless, allowing dirt, dust, grime and dog hair to be easily washed out and drained off the side of the ute tray. Inside, an adjustable bolt-in partition allows customisation of internal space, accommodating single or multiple dogs easily.

Organisation and functionality

Not only does our dog pod ensure your dog’s safety, but it also keeps your gear organised and accessible. It serves as versatile storage for fuel, gas or dirty gear. The slide-out drawer and table combo enhance convenience on your trips, keeping everything within easy reach. Utilise the unistrut in the roof and back bracing for extra storage options and use internal anchor points for securing dog leads or additional storage needs.

Premium quality and style

Investing in a Norweld Deluxe Dog Pod showcases your commitment to transporting your dogs safely and comfortably. With over 50 years of aluminium manufacturing experience and thousands of trays and canopies in the wild, Norweld ensures durability, quality and style.

Unmatched durability and lifetime warranty

One of the standout features of the Norweld Deluxe Dog Pod Canopy is the lifetime warranty on workmanship. This warranty reflects our product’s durability and our confidence in our design and craftsmanship. We ensure that your investment is protected and that you can rely on the canopy for years to come.


Your dog isn’t just a pet—they’re your trusted companion and adventure buddy. When it comes to ensuring their safety and comfort on the back of your ute, investing in a high-quality aluminium ute dog box is essential. With a vented, washable compartment, fridge mounting space, slide-out drawer and table, CNC-cut driver’s side door for ventilation and internal anchor points for securing leads, the Norweld Deluxe Dog Pod Canopy is your best choice. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog is always safe, comfortable and well-cared for on every adventure.

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